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By: Kamini Bhasin


Book By Kamini Bhasin

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ISBN - 978-93-94807-26-6

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 158, Language - English

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Category -  Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Business/Grow Business Ideas

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During my journey of over 35 years as an  Entrepreneur, I met many aspiring entrepreneurs, young men and young mothers and those who started their businesses and gave up and also those who were and are struggling to keep their businesses going. I realized that those who gave up and those who are struggling somewhere missed out on some important steps, which help make businesses successful.  Most of them take customers for granted forgetting their business can survive only with customers. In my book, I have highlighted the importance of customers in a business and given 70 different strategies to hook, book and retain customers so that they become loyal to their company and their products. I have also illustrated examples of how loyal customers who are happy and satisfied can become advocates for their company and products. Thus customers can become the biggest assets for the growth of any business. I wish to help and impact 1 million entrepreneurs who are dreaming of reaping the fruits of their hard work to have flourishing Enterprises. The 70 strategies I have shared, if implemented can help entrepreneurs acquire and retain their customers and turn them into amazing tools to grow their enterprise while maintaining great relationships with them. When they follow and apply all the tools in their businesses they will be able to retain 80% of their customers who will not only become loyal to their company and products but also become happy advocates and give references to their family and friends.

About Author

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Kamini Bhasin

Kamini Bhasin has been a successful designer , serial Entrepreneur for over 35 years. Having set up 3 of her own  businesses and been partner in two family businesses, Kamini is a high performance coach and mentor with a mission to help working and aspiring entrepreneurs, to become successful and inspiration for others. She  deeply tries to understand the core  issues  of her  clients and draws up an action plan for her clients to get the Desired Outcomes.
As a certified NLP Master Practitioner, besides other certifications, Kamini uses the NLP principles  and her own valuables experience as an Entrepreneur and Individual to work on the Mind Set and skill sets of her clients to accelerate their growth as individuals and as Leaders  to lead their enterprises to success.

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