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What Is The Best Way Of Publishing?

1. Create (Write) a Manuscript.

Give a structure of your thinking and emotion in a form of manuscript Typed or Handwritten. Or Already written Manuscript? Fantastic! You are eligible for the next step. Only, you need to upload your manuscript. If you do not have typed manuscript, we can create it or you can give for typing.

2. Submit Sample For Approval

Whenever you are ready with the content for publishing, upload your manuscript sample for approval and proceed. Our Team will review and give acceptance further.

3.Select Your Dream Package & Services

After review and approval. You have to select your dream package for publishing, our packages and services is very affordable.

4. Manuscript & Cover Designing

The manuscript and cover should have a complete review from your end before you approve it. Fully utilize your first round of free minor revisions before approving the cover and the manuscript for print.

You can check and fix your book price by using Royalty Calculator.

5. We Will Print and Distribute

Once you give us the approval, we print the books. We assure of maintaining unlimited inventory throughout the promised availability period mentioned in your chosen package.

The packages differ with the range of distribution channels. You can also choose Add-On service for International Distribution if already not covered by the package you have chosen.

6. Promotion

By default all of our packages cover different kind of promotions. You may boost the promotional strategy for your book by choosing some Add-On Promotional Services too, if it is not included in your package by default.

7. EARN With 100 % Royalty

Once your book is published, start earning from the royalty. Based on the package chosen, you will be entitled for periodic profit sharing from the sales of your book.

8. Support

Need Support? We are always (24*7) available to help you via mail, call & WhatsApp. Until the problem is resolved, our team stands in support with you.If you are still not satisfied with your doubt, feel free to send your query to us via the Contact Us page. You can even give us a call too. Call Us : +91-9109886656

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Authors Tree Publishing?

Authors Tree is an Organization, who provide all essentials services which is used in book publishing in India. Our aim is that the author who writes his first book should go ahead in this literature world and establish a new place. Like a tree, with the help of its root, brings the leaves forming the stem and the flowers in it become edible fruits. We are one of the Emerging book publishers in India Through international platforms like Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo and Ingram we help our Writers to get worldwide recognition. We allow all different languages and genres for publishing in the recent past, AUTHORS TREE stands as one of the fastest-growing self-publishing platforms in India. Apart from publishing books in English and Hindi, we also publish books in Bengali, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi and other regional languages. Books published through print on demand platform of Authors Tree Publishing never go out-of-print. Print on Demand Self-Publishing is a new model for book publishing; Authors Tree Publishing provides you complete benefit of this trend for lifetime.

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