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By: Pawan Dua









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ISBN - 9789391078829

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 160, Language - English

Price  - Rs. 349/-  Rs. 279/- (Paperback) + Shipping (Rs. 60/-), Rs. 149/- (ebook)

Category -  Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Happiness

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Achieving happiness is the highest level of success in life. Happiness is a journey of transforming “Pieces of Minds” to “Peace of Mind”. Once, we succeed in this endeavour, our life will become a Celebration.
Right from the dawn of life on this planet, humans have been advocating peace and happiness, but still in unrest. We have achieved considerable developments in every sphere but still striving to find unconditional trust and happiness.
Though our objective is to live happily, but due to our intrinsic inability, we yet to discover true pearls of peace and pleasure. We are running, running & running… without knowing our path or destination - where are we going and where will we reach?  Thus, we are neither enjoying the journey nor curious about the destination.
Leave aside the goal of life, we don’t even know the agenda of this moment or day, with clarity and objectivity. Our greed to possess power, position, and prestige has surpassed all priorities, values & responsibilities towards self & society. We are anxious and aloof in the thick of densely populated world. Instead of finding peace of mind, we have made pieces of mind, where every strand of mind is unsettled.
Everyone cannot become a monk. Yet, we deserve rights and liberty to lead a happy life. True exuberance depends upon our own mind-set, heart-set and soul-set. It is possible when we build an equilibrium among our intelligence, emotions, work, and life. We are amidst the mud but to blossom like a lotus.
Before asserting our identify of any profession, we must become a Celebrator of peace, love and happiness to make this life a Celebration Forever.

About Author

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Pawan Dua

"Pawan Dua, 51 years, is a humble, compassionate and energetic human. Born and raised in Delhi-NCR. He is a great integrator, who loves to connect, collaborate and build relationships with colleagues, friends and family members. His goal is to find happiness and joy within and build long-lasting relationships with others. We can share something with someone only if we possess it. We get what we focus, so the criteria is simple to find, create and share happiness.
He strongly advocates the thought of one life-one death, the journey from womb to tomb, and what's happening now. If we can’t celebrate this life now, there is no guarantee that we can ever find the reasons later, be it here or there. Only happy people make other happier.
On the professional front, he is an expert in managing Projects, Risks, Contracts, People & Processes in Construction, Renewables, Power, and IT domains. He has rich diverse experience of 25+ years and has handled simple-to-complex projects. He has worked with renowned MNCs like SB Energy (SoftBank Group), Schneider Electric, ABB Limited, Secure Meters, HCL and Lloyds. His flexibility and resilient approach have given him added mileage in dealing, executing and negotiating complex projects globally.
He is an active networker, a great professional and an excellent human being. He had completed PGDBM from AIMA, Delhi and Project Scheduling & Cost Control certification from George Washington University, besides acquiring many other credentials of management and leadership. 
Pawan lives in Noida with his wife Vipla, daughter Anchal and son Sahil."

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