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Revenge of the Lost Family

By: Mohit Achra


Details :   

ISBN - 9789391078263

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 194, Language - English

Price - 249/- 149/- (Paperback), 49/- (ebook)

Category - Fiction/Crime &Thriller

Delivery Time - 6 to 9 working days

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"Eight years ago, all the members of the Marques family were brutally murdered, except for one, Venia Marques.
She has been locked up in the Los Angeles Prison for the past 7 years.
Which member of the Marques family has returned from the dead to seek revenge?

Why does this murderer leave behind a clue with every dead body?
To challenge the police?
Or to tell the world what ACTUALLY happened with the Marques family eight years ago?
Detective Azriel Rovner must get his hands upon the fugitive before he can create deadly havoc in the city, and he is in for a dangerous chase of the dead..."

About Author

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Mohit Achra

Mohit Achra is an indie author, artist and entrepreneur. He has been pursuing Bachelor's in Visual Arts at Techno Group Of Institutions, Lucknow. Mohit's first literary work to be published worldwide was " Soul of the Demon God ", a stand-alone fantasy novel, that was released in November 2019.
Mohit also has his very own brand known as " Artembryo ", where his team works towards encouraging youth artists in our country.

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