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Cracking the Goal Code

By: Manit Hinduja

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Book By Manit Hinduja

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ISBN - 978-93-xxxx-xx

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 100, Language - English

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Category -  Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Life/Grow Yourself

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Welcome to this book—a guidebook filled with stories and advice to help you chase your dreams and tackle the hurdles that come your way. This book was written with the incentive to share what I've learned about reaching goals and finding happiness in life.

In a fast driven world with social media and online influence, we often undermine what true relations, ideas and interactions can bring to you-a world full f unexplored possibilities and opportunities, a world not defined by your online presence but the depth of interactions which highlight the value of trust, and the incentives you take to bring good to humanity in the smallest ways possible.

Here, you'll find ideas about breaking big goals into smaller steps, staying disciplined, and feeling good about what you're doing. It's not just about achieving things; it's about enjoying the journey while getting there.

Sometimes, we face tough experiences like hate or failure. In this book, I talk about how these tough times can actually make us stronger and push us closer to our goals. I'll also show you why being open and honest about who you are can be a superpower on your road to success.

Confidence isn't something only a few lucky people have—it's a skill you can grow and cultivate. I'll help you see how you can break free from what others expect and build up your belief in yourself.

Life changes all the time, right? I'll share tips on how to roll with those changes and turn them into opportunities rather than roadblocks.

Happiness is much more than just a momentary feeling of euphoria; it's about finding joy in everyday things and staying strong when things get tough. The book spans through the art of cultivating happiness in day-to-day life and how to transform happiness into a lifestyle characteristic.

This book isn't a rulebook—it's more like a manual to guide you to certain fundamentally pure ore values to have in mind while embarking on any journey. The innumerable and ever indelible experiences I’ve had over the years are culminated into the breadth of these pages. I hope it becomes your companion, cheering you on when things get hard and celebrating with you when you succeed.

So, get ready to dive in! Consider this book your companion as you take on your adventures. Let's start this journey together, and let's make it awesome.

About Author

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Manit Hinduja

Manit Hinduja is a first year B.Tech Biotechnology student at SRM University. He completed his secondary education and intermediate at Lilavatibai Podar High School, Mumbai. With an innate interest in writing and singing likewise, he aspired to work in the realm of biotechnology since grade 10. His passion for his field makes him want to pursue higher studies and research. Having participated in a variety of school and college festivals, such as organising the TEDx event at his school, being a part of the EUMIND cultural exchange program with the Netherlands, and being a part of the school student council twice, Manit has developed skills in building public relations and marketing. He has also interned at ATLAS SkillTech University in the Outreach and Admissions team.
He is also inclined towards spirituality. He believes energy plays a vital role in governing the world and that one can channelise energy to attain higher focus and concentration. With an aim to build his personal brand, Manit has started to achieve this goal by this book. He wishes to spread his understanding and philosophy of life, goals, setting targets and overall, pursuit, to the readers-who have a chance to understand the most authentic version of his journey-academically and in the co-curricular dimension, which entails lessons to overcoming failures, and transforming them to be the biggest cornerstones to achieve success.

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