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Romance in the Punjab

By: Gursheen Kaur Dhillon

Book By Gursheen Kaur Dhillon

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ISBN - 978-93-94807-71-6

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 98, Language - English

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Category -  Fiction/Poetry/History

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Romance in the Punjab

Punjab, the land of the five rivers and one of Hindustan's most diverse regions, is home to four tragic romances and four of the greatest Sufi poets in the Indian subcontinent. From the stories of Heer Ranjha to Mirza Sahiban and the verses of Baba Farid to Bulleh Shah each of them are a testimony to eternal love and longing. This book is an earnest attempt at retelling and preserving some of Punjab's greatest romantic folktales and poetry. So hop on this journey of love and longing in the land of the five rivers!

About Author

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Gursheen Kaur Dhillon

The author, Gursheen Kaur Dhillon, is a BCom graduate. Currently pursuing a Master's in Commerce in International Business, she is a history enthusiast and independent researcher. She also writes articles on her websites and posts for history-related pages on Instagram.

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