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Quoting Love

By: Prateek Jain


Book By Prateek Jain

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ISBN - 9789394807433

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 62, Language - Hindi

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Category -  Non-Fiction/Poetry

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Every relation goes through different stages, right from the initial exuberance to the dark end and then the cycle repeats itself. In this book, I've given a humble try to explain these phases through quotes and short poems, with a hope that everyone finds something relatable. The book has a mix of Hindi and English as the primary languages, with some words from Urdu, Marwari and Punjabi. The quotes don't intend to hurt any sentiments and any resemblance is purely a matter of coincidence.

About Author

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Prateek Jain

Prateek Jain is an incoming consulting professional, currently an undergrad at SRCC. He is fond of writing songs and poetries since childhood.
An old-school soul, a supreme believer of God and a free spirited individual, he dreams of creating a world full of life through his writings.

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