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By: Karen D'Souza


Book By Karen D'Souza

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ISBN - 9789394807235

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 134, Language - English

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Category -  Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Motivational/Personal Growth

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"Are you a woman looking for more in life?
Do you feel like you can have more success, more happiness and better health?
Do you want to be the best version of yourself?
Do you aspire to be an Empowered woman?
Do you wish to contribute more to your loved ones and the world?

If this is the kind of life you would like to be living, Then this is the book for you.   

This inspirational book is about life lessons Karen has learnt in her self exploration journey. It's filled with strategies, tips, questions and affirmations to help you discover more about yourself, to become more who you are and unlock your true potential so that you can achieve whatever you want in life. And transform your body, your being, and your life.      

Your life will never be the same-if you apply the concepts consistently in your life.
Be you!! Be the Best version of yourself!!
The world is waiting....For 'YOU'!
Rise & Shine !!"

About Author

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Karen D'Souza

Karen is an Emotional Resilience Mentor and Healer. She is the founder of INNERSHIFTS WITH KAREN. She Empowers Women to create Work-Life Balance, Manage their Emotions well & Realign to their True FEMININE ESSENCE so that they show up in their life and in the world, being their Best version of themselves.