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By: Naina Navya


Book By Naina Navya

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ISBN - 978-93-94807-01-3

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 210, Language - English

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Category - Fiction/General

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Hazel is the story of a 17-year-old girl, who has to shift her life from a normal household to something above reality.  Hazel is an introvert with an anti-social personality. She will find herself to be a misfit in this world, leading to finding her connection in this new place by unfolding the truths and lies of people around her. Will she be able to accept her place in this new society? Will she be able to blend with the people around her? Will she accept herself? Will this journey brings her happiness and acceptance or will it be hanging on a cliff?

About Author

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Naina Navya

Naina is one of the budding writers, presenting her first fiction writing, 'Hazel'. She is born on the 5th of February, 2004, in Bhagalpur, a town in Bihar, India. She recently completed her schooling and is pursuing her graduate degree, majoring in Food Technology along with a diploma in Fine Arts. She is also a freelance painter. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and is also an avid reader. Her Instagram handle is alleviate_con_I_arte and navya.naina.

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