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Age 21

By: Himanshu Dipak Pathak

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Book By Himanshu Dipak Pathak

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Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 180, Language - English

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Life is not fair, not even unfair. Life is not easy - neither it's hard. Life is just " Meant to Be ". All we need is to understand ourselves, our mindset and what we deserve and want at every particular age. As human beings, we have to tend to do mistakes and also are blessed to learn from them. I believe all the mistakes we do in life has the power and magic to change and transform our life. but a lot of people try to run from their mistakes and henceforth they never receive the gifts their mistakes can give them.

So this book will help you to understand yourself, the mistakes, and how we can use those mistakes to transform and move 1Step Forward in your life. the activities and the task in the book will be your guide as well as a friend in your journey.

About Author

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Himanshu Dipak Pathak

I am Himanshu Dipak Pathak ,your NLP life coach, a Student Success Coach & also a graphologist. started my carrer at a age of 18 as a math teacher and a coaching class owner I have realised that Students as well as adult also go through a lot of challenges in their life and a lot of people feel stuck as well as unhappy with there life. I conduct workshops as well as personal counselling for people to move 1 step forward in their life with my super power of NLP . i have adressed more than 45000 students across 7 countries and trained more than 1100 Individuals to transform and grow. I am on a mission to transform 1 million+ lives and help people realise " THE POWER OF OUR MIND ".

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