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Gen-X Parenting : Traditional Wisdom to Raise Your Supa–Kids

By: Khushi Hinduja


Book By Khushi Hinduja

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ISBN - 978-93-91078-03-4

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 136, Language - English

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Category -  Non-Fiction/Self-Help/ Parenting/Motherhood

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In today's world children are extremely talented who are exposed to many extracurricular activities.  Even social media plays a crucial role in influencing them. Parents put in a lot of effort, time and loads of energy to engage their children, as well as they, feel a lot of pressure to solve issues faced by children like stress, anger management, sibling rivalry, striking balance between academics and classes, keeping them away from gadgets, fear, anxiety and so on. Hence I thought of penning down a book to provide a simple easy practical approach towards raising children of today's world in a structured and positive way. After reading this book I ensure, parents will get solutions to various problems which they face on a daily basis from tiny tots to teens. 

About Author

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Khushi Hinduja

Khushi Hinduja is the Author of the book 'Gen-X Parenting -Traditional Wisdom to Raise your Supa Kids'. She has also curated a journal named Joy of Journaling for children. On a mission to launch 1 lakh children as Published Authors and confident speakers, she curated sessions and has started mentoring them to release their books which are now widely available on Amazon, Flipkart and various other platforms. As  her name goes she spread's happiness in life of parents and children. She is also a DMIT Consultant, Parenting Coach and Keynote Speaker .Being featured as one of India's 100 Women Achievers 2023' and felicitated with a Her Story Times Inspiration Award, she has impacted more than 20,000 families. 
Having won the XtraOrdiNaari 2022' award, she aims to help parents bond with their children. Getting kids to express their creative ideas and thoughts, in the form of story books, (to name a few- I See Spring, Young Minds Big Celebrations, Little Treasures) to bring out a revolution  with  their thought, to benefit a larger mankind and leave a legacy in form of their words was  the whole idea of creating Young Authors Program.

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