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The Unexpected Chase

By: Supriya Kumari

Book By Supriya Kumari

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ISBN - 9789391078768

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 195, Language - English

Price  - Rs. 299/--  Rs. 249/- (Paperback) + Shipping, Rs. 122/- (eBook)

Category -  Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Happiness

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"So, you think you are the bravest one, and nothing can stumble you?

What would you do if you clash with the past again and it brings back memories and the old pain?

What happens when life throws us out of our comfort zone?

The Unexpected Chase is a fictional story of a beautiful chase, a chase for love, a chase for finding oneself, and a chase for peace. The story depicts how life's challenges can transform a person from a silly and carefree to a stronger and bolder one. Life teaches us lessons in its own way, isn't it? The story is a topsy-turvy journey that gave her the tremendous life lessons that she un-willingly had to accept."

About Author

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Supriya Kumari

Supriya Kumari is an Accounting professional with a Master's in Finance. She is fond of writing since childhood. Slowly, with time, she started to turn her dreams into reality by knitting her own fictional world. For her, writing is an escape from the ordinary world.

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