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Leena G.S.

The author, Leena is an ardent reader who was introduced to stories and storybooks at a very young age by her late father. The biggest impact was the way he created a world for her by reciting these stories in an imaginative manner. Her mother was equally passionate about her reading books since her childhood. 

Moreover the dedicated and wonderful teachers from her beloved Model School, in Chennai, played a significant role in creating that curiosity in her to discover interesting books which motivated her to become a writer.

Being a Librarian, her profession moved her closer to the world of literature and inspired her to write. An active blogger and sports enthusiast, she also loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines.

Her first publication was a short story titled ‘Pangs of Guilt’ based on the great Indian epic – ‘The Mahabharatha’.  ‘A Bygone Summer Wonderland’ is her second book, which is an evocative tale, through the eyes of a child, set in the city of Thiruvananthapuram of the 1970s.

Books of Leena G.S.

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