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Annu Pandey

Annu Pandey was born in 1981 in Nevada Village of U.P, India. Growing up, she was always captivated with human behaviour and the complexity of family dynamics and this fascination led to her researching self-help books as well as opinion and research papers related to the subject. Later, Annu Pandey, a civil engineering postgraduate and a technical author, who is also a psychology graduate now due to her passion for psychology, found a passion for writing about family dysfunction. Started her blogging journey as a guest blogger seven years ago, now she owns her website where she has been writing about family dysfunction and mental health correlation for the past two years. In "Understanding Narcissistic Abuse", Annu analyses every aspect of the relationship dynamics between a narcissistic controlling abuser and their victim, to educate the victims and their loved ones about the complexity of narcissistic abuse.

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