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A Blessed Mess by Author Sandeep Narula : Interview and Book Review


A Blessed Mess is the story of an ambitious boy. Spending most of his time in a library never unfolded his feelings until he meets a girl. The author has put a soul in the book to write the feelings that every teenager goes through. Falling in love, confusion, anxiety, betrayal, and most importantly, balancing studies, family, and the love life. Every character in the book has a different struggle story and yet you will relate to each one of them.

Interview of Author Sandeep Narula :

1. When did the Story first strike your mind? Has it happened to you?

Answer: Different experiences with life and my understanding of love, from there it struck me to take this story line.
No it's a work of fiction.

2. What was your motivation while writing the characters and scenes?

Answer: As I am a businessman, I deal with a number of people in my day-to-day schedule, every person delivers a different shade of life, it's a fictional story, yet you will relate to every character.

3. Do you remember the moment when you started putting your story into words?

Answer: After my first short story got published I started writing notes for this one.

4. How does it feel to see your book getting published?

Answer: It is an excited butterfly in the stomach tempered with a can't tell anyone the feeling.
Absolutely thrilled.
5. Will the book have a second part in which all characters meet again?

Answer: Yes, wait for it.


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