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Arts Faculty

By: Ashish Kumar








Book By Ashish Kumar

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ISBN - 9789391078614

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 188, Language - Hindi

Price - 250/- 225/- (Paperback), 135/- (ebook)

Category - Fiction/General

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The story of the Arts Faculty is a product of those characters whom we have known for years. When we are children, our enthusiasm knows no bounds. With great conviction, we say that if we become a leader, then we will free people from the problems of scarcity of electricity, water and fight corruption too. We believe we can achieve this. Growing up means a lot of reality checks, and somewhere along the way, we become slaves of this world, where our path and destination are decided by someone else. We delude ourselves to believe we have a free choice even when reality points to the fact that this choice was never ours. If you look into the depths of our childhood, we may rediscover our desired destination.

About Author

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Ashish Kumar

Born at the end of the last century and growing alongside the new one, adolescent eyes viewed Shaktimaan on color TV. He went to school in the last days of Chavanni. Many such tales were created with friends in school, which if written, by this time would have been amazing stories and memories created by him. He believes that it is human nature to make up stories, it's just that people prefer to weave them orally instead of writing them down. He achieved many records in an attempt to learn to cycle merely by attempting to run away from home. His early education took place in Chatra. After Vivekananda Adarsh ​​Vidyalaya, DAV and Chatra College, he is currently pursuing his graduation from Banaras Hindu University. He also takes a special interest in traveling and photography.

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