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Down of Life

By: Dr. Ahmed Sayeed

Book By Dr. Ahmed Sayeed

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ISBN - 9789391078188

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 342, Language - English

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Category - SCIENCE /General/Cosmology Physics

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"There wasn't a single star in the universe until about 180 million years after the big bang. It took that long for gravity to gather clouds of hydrogen and forge them into stars. Many physicists think that vast clouds of dark matter, a still-unknown material that outweighs visible matter by more than five to one, provided a gravitational scaffold for the first galaxies and stars.
Once the universe's first stars ignited, the light they unleashed packed enough punch to once again strip electrons from neutral atoms, which are building block of Life, a key chapter of the universe called reionization. In February 2018, an Australian team announced that they may have detected signs of this “cosmic dawn.” By 400 million years after the big bang, the first galaxies were born. In the billions of years since, stars, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies have formed and re-formed—eventually yielding our home galaxy, the Milky Way, and our cosmic home, the solar system.
Even now the universe is expanding, and to astronomers' surprise, the pace of expansion is accelerating. It's thought that this acceleration is driven by a force that repels gravity called dark energy. We still don't know what dark energy is, but it’s thought that it makes up 68 percent of the universe's total matter and energy. Dark matter makes up another 27 percent. In essence, all the matter you've ever seen—from your first love to the stars overhead—makes up less than five percent of the universe. This evolution of expanding matter caused into life from the Sun to the Earth.    


About Author

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Dr. Ahmed Sayeed

"  Being an author he putting pen on the paper, by collecting the subject matter that is useful to the students, Researcher, Scholar,   Professor and other literary architecture to read the book patiently which would, he wish, enlighten their life and ensure to switch on the Dark space focus light on the peoples who filled with Dark substances like dogmas, fake faiths, fundamentalist attitude, enmity, prejudice ritualistic attitude and turn into Gentle Human being, a tailed made Gentleman.  He is doing this job to extend the service of a Teacher, wisdom preacher without expecting any monetary return from them like a Philanthropist who discharges them without the expectation that Nishkamakarm.  He has so far written more than 25 books on the same line to spread the knowledge of Reality. He wishes that This would act as “kindling the Light in Darkness”

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