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What Does Your Dad Do ?

By: Rucha Pantoji

Book By Rucha Pantoji

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ISBN - 9789391078119

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 184, Language - English

Price - 299/- 249/- (Paperback), 149/- (ebook)

Category - Non-Fiction

Delivery Time - 6 to 9 working days 

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‘What Does Your Dad Do’ is a story of a father, working in the Signaling Department of Indian Railways, told by his youngest daughter. The author has shared some wonderful events of her childhood, about her family, and about trains. Trains that connect towns to cities, people to families, students to colleges, and a father to his daughters.
The story starts in a small town called Daund, in Maharashtra, and travels through places where the father had to go to work, leaving his family behind, to keep the trains running. While the mother has dedicated her life to take care of her daughters, the father has to work day and night in the Signaling Department of Railways.
The series of events, in this book, will take you back to your childhood, to your hometown, where you made tons of memories and lived a peaceful life. It's the story of every family in which the father and the mother are two strong wheels of the household vehicle.

About Author

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Rucha Pantoji

"Rucha Pantoji is a storyteller and a ghost-writer. Her eBook ‘Write Your First Book with Rucha Pantoji’ is dedicated to all the amateur writers who want to get their stories out into the world.
Grew up in a small town, Rucha completed her secondary education in Daund before moving to Pune city for graduation. Now, she is a Content Writer, living her passion in the ocean of words.
When not writing, Rucha likes curling up in her bed, reading books, with a cup of hot chocolate, until her eyes hurt. "

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