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Are We From Nothing ! Yes! Yes!!

By: Dr. Ahmed Sayeed

Book By Dr. Ahmed Sayeed

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ISBN - 9788195077595

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 239, Language - English

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Category - SCIENCE /General

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THE ORIGIN OF THINGS has always been a central concern for humanity; the origin of the stones, the animals, the plants, the planets, the stars and we ourselves. Yet the most fundamental origin of them all would seem to be the origin of the universe as a whole – of everything that exists, without which there could be none of the creatures and things mentioned above, including ourselves. Perhaps that is why the existence of the universe, its origin and nature, has been a subject of explanation in almost all civilizations and cultures. In fact, every culture known to anthropology has had a cosmogony – a history of how the world began and continues, of how mankind was created and of what the gods expect of us. The understanding these civilizations had of the universe is very different to what science teaches us today. However, the absence of a cosmology in these societies, of some explanation for the world in which we live, would be just as unthinkable as the absence of language itself. These explanations, for want of other frameworks from which to approach the subject, always had religious, mythological or philosophical foundations. Only recently has science been able to give its version of the facts, chiefly because science is recent itself. In terms of experimental scientific method, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642, Italian astronomer, physicist and mathematician) is something of a milestone, though the Greeks had already developed sophisticated geometrical methods for measuring the orbits and sizes of celestial bodies and for predicting astronomical events. Nor can we forget that the Egyptians and Chinese, like the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, also knew how to read the movements of the stars. It is surprising how we can understand the physical universe in a rational manner and that it can be researched through the methods of physics and astronomy developed in our laboratories and observatories. The perception of this scientific dimension and capacity was revealed to us most clearly in the first, second and third decades of the 20th Century.

About Author

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Dr. Ahmed Sayeed

"  Being an author he putting pen on the paper, by collecting the subject matter that is useful to the students, Researcher, Scholar,   Professor and other literary architecture to read the book patiently which would, he wish, enlighten their life and ensure to switch on the Dark space focus light on the peoples who filled with Dark substances like dogmas, fake faiths, fundamentalist attitude, enmity, prejudice ritualistic attitude and turn into Gentle Human being, a tailed made Gentleman.  He is doing this job to extend the service of a Teacher, wisdom preacher without expecting any monetary return from them like a Philanthropist who discharges them without the expectation that Nishkamakarm.  He has so far written more than 25 books on the same line to spread the knowledge of Reality. He wishes that This would act as “kindling the Light in Darkness”

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