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Improvize Your English

By: Ashley Ashokan

Book By Ashley Ashokan

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ISBN - 978-93-94807-32-7

Publisher - Authors Tree Publishing

Pages - 188, Language - English

Price  -   Rs. 499/- Only

Category - Self-Help/English Learing/Improvize English

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This book can also help one become ready for the job market. Nowadays, when English is one of the most basic skills required by companies all over the world, you must be fluent in the language in order to communicate with clients all over the world.
In this book Author Ashley beautifully writes how you can strengthen your English language skills and take your career to the next level. My heartfelt congratulations to Ashley from TLC Capricorn Mastermind for releasing her first book to help millions of people around the world. Don't just read this book, but practice and use these tips and lessons from this amazing book.

About Author

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Ashley Ashokan

Ashley Asokan is a Spoken English Coach,  Entrepreneur and Sales Consultant. She did her MBA from SRM University, Chennai. She runs her Institute, IMPROVIZE360 located at Cochin, Kerala since June 2017. Coaching is something she has been very fond of from her high school days and being an English Coach comes all naturally to her.


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