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Meena Kothari

This is the story of Meena, a wife, mother, daughter, trainer, woman, a leader who has represented INDIA on international platforms. An ordinary woman; who did extraordinary things. The story of a homemaker who made it big and has touched many lives, inspiring them to start from wherever they are standing. How she made it big, what changed and how she reversed the MOM to WOW? You cannot be untouched for sure. This article is about her journey and the stakeholders of the story.

"बालिका अहंबालिका नव युग जनिता अहंबालिका नाहमबला दुर्बला आदिशक्ति अहमम्बिका ।।"

“I am a modern age woman, I am not powerless. I am Adishakti, I am Ambika.”

As it is rightly said ‘all strong women are backed by her believers’, and she had many. To begin with, her parents, father Mr Shanti Lal Jain & mother Pista Devi, sculpted her warm nature and risk-taking attitude. The wings added by her father gave her the initial power to take up the flight to success. Never to discount the learnings inherited from her motherland! – North Lakhimpur, Assam, Meena acknowledges it and bows in reverence.

As a dedicated child, she grabbed all opportunities to learn from life. She studied at St. Mary’s School & graduated in Accounting (Hons) at North Lakhimpur Commerce College, Assam which was just the start of the journey that awaited her. She completed her CA (Inter) from Chennai. In all this, she also tied the knot with Mr. Pramod Kothari, whom she introduces as her best full, is her best friend and ally. Meena is married into a Marwari Rajasthani family and was a satisfied homemaker. Mr Tolachand Kothari & Ratna Devi, and her in-laws are important stakeholders in her journey to immense success. They have always motivated and supported her to become an achiever par excellence.

The couple – Mr Pramod Kothari & Meena are blessed with a son Shreyansh. A prodigal child, he is Computer Science Engineer from VIT Vellore, who did his internship at the National University of Singapore, pursuing his CFA and has his own startup in hedge funds Golden Turtle Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Her professional journey commenced on 2nd December 2004, as fate had commanded. She tried her hand in many fields & a lot of businesses: Tupperware business, MLMs, tuitions, share broking, exhibitions & many more. She was happy but not satisfied. Now Meena had no money to invest in any other business. Reluctantly she joined Max Life Insurance Company & it was the beginning of something unbelievable. Life took a bright turn.

On 13th March 2009, she became an inseparable part of Max Life. Meena Pramod Kothari is the Brand Ambassador of Max New York Life and is associated with almost all life and health insurance companies. She earned many accreditations and designations, awards and recognitions. This field bought her all the name, fame and money, while she was doing the noble deed of securing lives and family. However, there was a time she had to struggle to make ends meet. Hers is a story of rags to riches, struggle to success. We celebrate her indomitable spirit and power.

We proudly bring to you her professional Designations, awards and recognitions.

Meena Pramod Kothari is a Professional Financial Advisor (PFA) from Windsor Connecticut, USA, Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association [LIMRA]. She is an AMFI and IRDA certified advisor and under the auspices of “All Ladies League” holds the position of “India Country Chair Development Financer” at the G100 wing. She is the director of Robinhood Initiative Assembly Pvt. Ltd., and continues as a member of “Teachers are Leaders Community [TLC]” and “Learner’s Conclave Pvt. Ltd.”

She is a soft skill trainer from Image Consulting Business Institute [ICBI] and is accredited by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) & National Accreditation Board of Education & Training (NABET). She as a soft skill trainer has achieved the Customized Award for Professional Program ‘Train the Trainer’.

At present, she is active as the Launch Director of BNI (Business Networking International) Bhopal, and President of MP State Child Care Council for Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI). She is a Vice President Trainer and mentor for JCI Bhopal and has founded the “Jain Sheroes Bhopal” and is also the secretary of Jain Shwetambar Social Group.

Meena has been honoured with the “Best Advisor” award and has represented our country in Los Angeles and Toronto as an MDRT [MILLION DOLLAR ROUND TABLE] member. Her efforts have been crowned and awarded in London, Switzerland, Cape town, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Singapore, Phuket, Abu Dhabi, Singapore Cruise, Bali, and Colombo.

She has touched and inspired many lives, has constantly worked for women’s empowerment and is a true supporter of the women of strength.

As she always says,

वाणी रसवती यस्य,यस्य श्रमवती क्रिया। लक्ष्मी : दानवती यस्य,सफलं तस्य जीवितं।।

The person whose speech is sweet, whose work is full of labour, whose wealth is used in charity, his/her life is successful.

अर्थजिस मनुष्य की वाणी मीठी हो, जिसका काम परिश्रम सेभरा हो, जिसका धन दान करनेमेंप्रयुक्त हो, उसका जीवन सफ़ल है।

Her journey is an unending contribution to every woman who wishes to shine. She engraved her own niche, her own path, but has always stayed grounded and connected to the roots.

Blessed and supported by her family, friends and believers, she says –

“Life is a journey between B to D, BIRTH to DEATH! The C in between is all that matters, be brave to accept the CHANGE. Never leave a CHANCE to make great CHOICES. Last, but not least! Life is a journey, so don’t consider the obstacles as your end destination. Because, if I would have given up in 2004 believing that it is the end! I would have never led the path and achieved all that I have achieved so far.”

Meena’s journey is in top gear and we are more than happy to celebrate a strong woman like her. We wish her the best in all of her future endeavours.

 Her endless work towards giving back to society and women empowerment is keeping her motivated and moving.

She believes that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

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